The Runner

My window is rolled down and I feel my hair leaving my neck as my car speeds down the road. The wind sends chills down my legs and my usual goosebumps appear. It is 8:30 pm and my favorite song of that week is playing from my phone. I sing alone and let my own hands take me in the direction where I want to go in that moment: home. I could have driven anywhere else but I chose to go home, where I can unwind and fall into my routine of getting to bed.

I usually enjoy being in control: control of my destination, my speed, my music, my bedtime, and everything else in that situation. But being in complete control mostly means that I will be alone. No one will be around to give me alternative choices of where they want to go, or what music to listen to, or what time to go to bed. When I am in control, I feel safe. I feel like I have no other commitments to make to anyone but myself. I never have to let anyone down because of my own selfishness or theirs.

As I drive up the road to where my house is, I notice a runner on the side of the road. She had headphones on and did not even look to see who I was. My music was still on and I listened and watched as the runner took her strides to the rhythm of my music. With each drum tap, her foot would land on the pavement.

Listening to a song in the car and seeing a runner on the side of the road stride to the beat is oddly satisfying to me. She cannot hear the beat but she somehow takes each step to every single tap. It’s funny seeing two random, unrelated things being completely in sync with each other.

Chemistry works in the same way, correct? There is chemistry when two things work together unexpectedly. When two objects can naturally be together and function as one, they are in sync. Once it is discovered that these two objects can work well together, there usually is no turning back to the old way of simply using one item or the other.

We are comfortable being alone. But chemistry allows not only molecules, but people, to connect with others and grow. We need other people to understand who we are. We need to be in sync with another person so we can build each other up and bring out the best in each other. It does not have to be a lover; it can be a best friend, or it can be both. That is what we all strive for: a best friend to have forever to accept who we are and love every bit of it. I want to love someone unconditionally for how they were raised, how they go about their lives and routines, how they see the world around them. And I want the same in return; I want them to see me as me.


I do not want to think twice if my best friend loves and accepts me for who I am. It will be oddly satisfying turning on my favorite song in the car with my person in the seat next to me to sing along. It will be oddly satisfying getting home and running through my routine with my person and having a conversation about our days while getting ready for bed. It will be satisfying having a connection that is natural, unforced, unique.

We all want a connection that is as in sync as the runner and the beat. We all hope to find this natural connection, but until then, all you can do is remain happy with yourself, because chemistry will never be found without completely accepting who you are. Love yourself unconditionally and only then, will you find another to grow.










The Hammer and the Hose

Coming to terms with the world’s problems when having little authority

I have always wondered where every human being in my generation has formed an opinion about something; for every single person has a reason for why they think the way they do. I have seen it within arguments over the simplest topics such as the gender wage gap or climate change. It is frustrating to have a conversation with someone who does not share the same opinion as yours.

I wonder if people care enough to dig deeper into important issues that could have a massive impact in our country, or the world for that matter. I find myself questioning the world I live in and daydreaming about having control of the entire world, just so I can fix all of the world’s problems.

Growing up in a world of imperfections and having no power or control over these issues heard on a daily basis can be discouraging and irritating. I regularly question the media’s depiction of international war and conflict within our society. It’s almost as if the media is lighting our own homes on fire and showing us diagrams of a device in the making called a “hose” but shows the government using a hammer to try to combat the fire instead. You want to scream and shout at the television, “Just build the hose and extinguish the flames! The hammer isn’t working for anyone.” But this hose needs a certain number of congressmen’s votes in order to even begin building it.

la-compagnie-robinson-239140.jpgThe hammer is a violent way of combatting the fire. Why bang a hammer on a flame for years on end when you can build greater tools to extinguish the conflict in a more productive way? Sure, hammers built the foundation of our home and have been used to make our lives better in the past. But just because one method is helpful in the past does not mean it will always remain successful in the future.

Humanity is a war: a war between the use of a hammer or a hose. A hammer in this case could represent the use of guns and weapons. A hammer could represent the use of coal that severely harms the environment. It could represent any tactic that has helped us discover something new but yet needs a lot of work.

Americans gained their independence with the assistance of guns and built this country from nothing. Americans discovered coal and began mining for its use for industry and innovation. Both of these accomplishments were attained with teamwork and knowledge.

We all know of this history. I think it is time for us to reflect and acknowledge how great America has matured. But on the other hand, we cannot continue to use these tactics with current situations because they are both flawed and create conflict between different groups of individuals.

Our world is more global than ever before. The way we interact with other countries cannot be violent, for humanity has come too far to cease new ways of thinking. We must keep trying to combat issues in ways that have not been used in the past that have been known to fail in one way or another.

The idea of the hose is in front of our faces, but people need to be strong enough to grab hold of an idea and put it into action. I have hope for our country to move forward and encourage creative thinking. I have hope for our generation and for future generations. And ultimately, I have hope for world peace, because not only will we be able to build endless amounts of hoses, but we will be able to stop a fire before it even begins. I may not be able to see this invention in my own lifetime, but I will die with the belief that humanity is constantly fighting for perfection.

A Purpose

For my life and yours

“How did I get here?” I ask myself as I open my laptop to begin transforming my thoughts into posts. I am not a professional writer, nor do I seek to gain any profit from blogging.

I am a millennial. I am a college student. I am a daughter. I am a friend to some; an acquaintance to most. I strive to be progressive and tell my story in writing.


I have a loving family and friends who are supportive with whatever I choose to do. Everyone I love is always right in front of me with open arms. College has that effect on me with the opportunities it holds for me in the near future. I feel content and otherwise happy with what I have.

Everything always seems to fall into place but there are occasional bumps in the road that make me question what my future holds. I write this at the end of a long winter of my freshman year and hope to open myself to new possibilities including writing and exploring different fields of interest. I hope to find another passion and build on my plans.

I plan to travel; to find something more to live for. I strive to share and question my thoughts with the world to better understand it. But for now I can only search and wander to find what I am looking for: a purpose.