Thought to Think 

An opinion piece about time



I thought to think about how content I feel at this exact moment in time as I walk down the street on a Monday evening.

As I walk I feel my entire body being the central control station, controlling every aspect of my life with each limb. My hands grasp the relationships I hold and my feet follow a winding road toward my destination.

Every day my pencil moves with the rhythm of my thoughts combined with the music blaring from my headphones. I am free to learn, free to absorb information like a sponge; information that can be used to decide where I want to take myself.

I remembered to think about how much farther I have to travel. My eyes are my headlights, beaming and guiding me through the darkness of judgement and bias. I am free to use the invention of time to my own advantage without letting others dictate what my fragile, man-made seconds are supposed to be used for.

Time was invented to be used differently by every single person. I feel comfort knowing my whole life is unique to me, for no two people have ever lived through the exact same experience.

But somehow, people often dare to dictate how others should use their time; whether it be who they can love, how they can classify themselves, and even what they can believe.

Time was invented not to tell people how to live but when to live. Time was made to simply determine when to do any kind of activity that will bring the most satisfaction.

neemo-ofurhie-8248A clock ticks from morning until night to organize your own days, not for others to direct your days. Minutes are used to order your own needs in a hierarchy from dawn until dusk.

Time is precious but it is man-made. Man-made ideas have faults because nothing invented by man is perfect, a broad example being countries and societies. World peace has not been reached and it is due to the imperfections of mankind.

We judge others and we desire control. Even if our intentions are to help others, we can never know how strangers attain happiness; whether it may be taking risks that you find dangerous or believing in something you find to be wrong.

Time is short but time is something every single person owns, even if they are rich or poor, gay or straight, black or white, male or female. Every person owns a unique frame of time on this earth. No frame is the same, and no frame should be the same.

I thought to think of how we can all have the maximum amount of happiness within our special frames. Use what your ancestors have created to improve the world around you. Judge how to spend your own time, critique your own decisions to continuously make your life better, determine who you want to be, and most importantly, choose how to spend your own precious, unique time; because although time does have its faults, it certainly was not made to waste.

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