Thought to Think 

An opinion piece about time


I thought to think about how content I feel at this exact moment in time as I walk down the street on a Monday evening.

As I walk I feel my entire body being the central control station, controlling every aspect of my life with each limb. My hands grasp the relationships I hold and my feet follow a winding road toward my destination.

Every day my pencil moves with the rhythm of my thoughts combined with the music blaring from my headphones. I am free to learn, free to absorb information like a sponge; information that can be used to decide where I want to take myself.

I remembered to think about how much farther I have to travel. My eyes are my headlights, beaming and guiding me through the darkness of judgement and bias. I am free to use the invention of time to my own advantage without letting others dictate what my fragile, man-made seconds are supposed to be used for.

Time was invented to be used differently by every single person. I feel comfort knowing my whole life is unique to me, for no two people have ever lived through the exact same experience.

But somehow, people often dare to dictate how others should use their time; whether it be who they can love, how they can classify themselves, and even what they can believe.

Time was invented not to tell people how to live but when to live. Time was made to simply determine when to do any kind of activity that will bring the most satisfaction.

neemo-ofurhie-8248A clock ticks from morning until night to organize your own days, not for others to direct your days. Minutes are used to order your own needs in a hierarchy from dawn until dusk.

Time is precious but it is man-made. Man-made ideas have faults because nothing invented by man is perfect, a broad example being countries and societies. World peace has not been reached and it is due to the imperfections of mankind.

We judge others and we desire control. Even if our intentions are to help others, we can never know how strangers attain happiness; whether it may be taking risks that you find dangerous or believing in something you find to be wrong.

Time is short but time is something every single person owns, even if they are rich or poor, gay or straight, black or white, male or female. Every person owns a unique frame of time on this earth. No frame is the same, and no frame should be the same.

I thought to think of how we can all have the maximum amount of happiness within our special frames. Use what your ancestors have created to improve the world around you. Judge how to spend your own time, critique your own decisions to continuously make your life better, determine who you want to be, and most importantly, choose how to spend your own precious, unique time; because although time does have its faults, it certainly was not made to waste.

The Hammer and the Hose

Coming to terms with the world’s problems when having little authority

I have always wondered where every human being in my generation has formed an opinion about something; for every single person has a reason for why they think the way they do. I have seen it within arguments over the simplest topics such as the gender wage gap or climate change. It is frustrating to have a conversation with someone who does not share the same opinion as yours.

I wonder if people care enough to dig deeper into important issues that could have a massive impact in our country, or the world for that matter. I find myself questioning the world I live in and daydreaming about having control of the entire world, just so I can fix all of the world’s problems.

Growing up in a world of imperfections and having no power or control over these issues heard on a daily basis can be discouraging and irritating. I regularly question the media’s depiction of international war and conflict within our society. It’s almost as if the media is lighting our own homes on fire and showing us diagrams of a device in the making called a “hose” but shows the government using a hammer to try to combat the fire instead. You want to scream and shout at the television, “Just build the hose and extinguish the flames! The hammer isn’t working for anyone.” But this hose needs a certain number of congressmen’s votes in order to even begin building it.

la-compagnie-robinson-239140.jpgThe hammer is a violent way of combatting the fire. Why bang a hammer on a flame for years on end when you can build greater tools to extinguish the conflict in a more productive way? Sure, hammers built the foundation of our home and have been used to make our lives better in the past. But just because one method is helpful in the past does not mean it will always remain successful in the future.

Humanity is a war: a war between the use of a hammer or a hose. A hammer in this case could represent the use of guns and weapons. A hammer could represent the use of coal that severely harms the environment. It could represent any tactic that has helped us discover something new but yet needs a lot of work.

Americans gained their independence with the assistance of guns and built this country from nothing. Americans discovered coal and began mining for its use for industry and innovation. Both of these accomplishments were attained with teamwork and knowledge.

We all know of this history. I think it is time for us to reflect and acknowledge how great America has matured. But on the other hand, we cannot continue to use these tactics with current situations because they are both flawed and create conflict between different groups of individuals.

Our world is more global than ever before. The way we interact with other countries cannot be violent, for humanity has come too far to cease new ways of thinking. We must keep trying to combat issues in ways that have not been used in the past that have been known to fail in one way or another.

The idea of the hose is in front of our faces, but people need to be strong enough to grab hold of an idea and put it into action. I have hope for our country to move forward and encourage creative thinking. I have hope for our generation and for future generations. And ultimately, I have hope for world peace, because not only will we be able to build endless amounts of hoses, but we will be able to stop a fire before it even begins. I may not be able to see this invention in my own lifetime, but I will die with the belief that humanity is constantly fighting for perfection.

The Window 

How to overcome loneliness

I only become efficient when I sit at a singular desk, away from all windows. Desks offer a bland, wooden view that is impossible to find remotely interesting while windows offer more than enough opportunity to drift away into a dream.


My window could look out into a busy street with students scurrying to their classes and cars traveling every which way. I stare at chaos in every direction and commence on one of my favorite pastimes: people watching. Some are strolling in a stress-free fashion, their arms swaying and legs moving at a slow speed. Some run to catch the bus that is beginning to inch off onto the road. Some walk with friends and are engaged in a conversation soon to end by their changes in direction. The last kind of person I see are those who walk alone, shoulders stiff and heads pointed at a downward angle, no near destination in sight.

I wonder if these loners are happy walking without anyone else. They usually wear headphones and wear a blank, straight face but their expressions are expected. The word “lonely” tends to take on a negative connotation in our society.

But in reality loneliness is not rare. Negative feelings are never discussed so no one knows just how lonely the people in our society really are.

Loneliness and sadness can occur simultaneously but you do not have to let loneliness associate itself with sadness every time you feel this way. Positive feelings can come out of being alone. I certainly am happy walking alone; I embrace the time I have to think and reflect on what insight and new knowledge that were received that day.

Surrounding yourself with peers from hour to hour can take away from what you have to offer. Rid your mind of gossip and rumors: unnecessary information. Extract useful knowledge and study it. Fulfill your own potential. Take a leap of faith to be different and design your thoughts to be unique.

Being alone opens a whole new window of opportunity, for my window looks not into the outside world but into just the opposite. Embrace loneliness and be one with your thoughts. Make peace with loneliness, and only then, will you make peace with yourself.

A Purpose

For my life and yours

“How did I get here?” I ask myself as I open my laptop to begin transforming my thoughts into posts. I am not a professional writer, nor do I seek to gain any profit from blogging.

I am a millennial. I am a college student. I am a daughter. I am a friend to some; an acquaintance to most. I strive to be progressive and tell my story in writing.


I have a loving family and friends who are supportive with whatever I choose to do. Everyone I love is always right in front of me with open arms. College has that effect on me with the opportunities it holds for me in the near future. I feel content and otherwise happy with what I have.

Everything always seems to fall into place but there are occasional bumps in the road that make me question what my future holds. I write this at the end of a long winter of my freshman year and hope to open myself to new possibilities including writing and exploring different fields of interest. I hope to find another passion and build on my plans.

I plan to travel; to find something more to live for. I strive to share and question my thoughts with the world to better understand it. But for now I can only search and wander to find what I am looking for: a purpose.